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Woodbury Periodontics, P.C. | Osseous Grafting / Guided Tissue Regeneration in Huntington

Woodbury Periodontics, P.C.

The Office of Frank J. Palmaccio, D.D.S., M.S.


Osseous Grafting / Guided Tissue Regeneration

Patients with periodontitis will have a loss in the bone surrounding their teeth.  Bone loss surrounding teeth is commonly classified by the number of boney walls remaining.  Osseous surgery is a procedure that reshapes the jaw bone surrounding the teeth and is commonly used as a definitive treatment of periodontitis. During osseous surgery, these defects are eliminated. Prior to the surgery, a patient will usually complete the initial phase of treatment consisting oral hygiene instructions, quadrant scaling and root planing and a 4 week re-evaluation exam and charting. Local anesthetics are used during both the initial phase and surgical phase of treatment to eliminate patient discomfort. During the surgical phase of treatment, the tooth roots are re-scaled and the boney defects are debrided. Minor boney defects are gently shapped to reestablish a correct anatomic form. Bone grafting material is used where the defects are too large to be treated with only reshaping. Bone grafts will help hold space and can stimulate and support the growth of the surrounding bone. Guided tissue regeneration may be used in conjunction with bone grafting or as a stand alone procedure. Guided tissue regeneration prevents the ingrowth of the gum tissue into an area formerly occupied by bone and periodontal ligament. It guides the types of cells that gain entrance into a boney defect and subsequently, help to regenerate the bone lost during active periodontal disease.

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